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About magician Rick Mearns

Wait a minute! You'd rather read stuff about where Rick was born instead of watching one of his cool promo videos? Hmm... well, OK.”

Rick Mearns was born on the exact same day as his birthday. Some say this was pure coincidence, while others claim it was the work of a very clever comedy writer.

Mearns started his career as a magician at a very young age. Some think it was much earlier than that. As Mearns fondly remembers performing his first trick as a child, making a toothbrush disappear, some argue that using a toilet for this feat... isn't considered real magic.

“OK, enough about Rick, click here to watch the amazing videos!”

When he's not performing and amazing everyone, Mearns relaxes by performing and amazing everyone else.

“Videos, videos! The videos are over here!”

Rick Mearns has also actively pursued or accomplished: playing drums, playing guitar, playing bass and vocals (he performed as a one-man band for 14 years throughout BC & Alta), college student, actor, balloon twister, photographer, videographer, magical advisor for television, investor, busboy (not joking), race car driver (oops... that's Rick Mears), radio interviews, television appearances, Crisis Line volunteer, song writer and a Nashville recording artist, stand-up comedy, comedy writer, Toastmasters, anything to do with public speaking, sound engineer, marketer, friend and a loving father.

Just to name a few.

“I'm glad you enjoyed my bio. I wrote it myself!”

Rick Mearns - Comedy Magician

(604) 937-7258
Vancouver, BC, Canada